When Kamala Forgets To Cackle Under Stress

Kamala Harris’ cackling is irritating, which is why she was the first Democratic presidential candidate to withdraw. However, it appears that a half-successful attempt to teach her out of it has backfired. The Democrats hoped that Kamala Harris would grow out of her repulsiveness and save them for a brief moment.

According to the same Gallup survey that showed the vice president with a 49 percent popularity rating and President Biden with a 46 percent approval rating, she now has a higher approval rating than President Joe Biden. “To be fair, Harris’s polling numbers are hardly outstanding,” the same piece conceded, 19 paragraphs into the body, admitting that they are worse than Biden’s.

The surge of Kamala Harris in the polls has corresponded with minimal coverage of her in the media. When she went to George Mason University for what was supposed to be a non-controversial visit, her approach suddenly came apart. When a female student accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and said she wanted to highlight the matter, Kamala forgot to cackle.

It was clear that Kamala has received extensive behavioral training to conceal her obnoxious and fake cackle when she’s stressed. It had a purpose: it relieved her tension and provided her with more time to consider what she should say. But, lacking that margin, Harris made a colossal error when she stated, “I’m happy you did,” after nodding along with a student’s assault. Furthermore, she said that, once again, this is about your voice, your viewpoint, your experience, and your truth not being silenced.

At a voting rights rally, Kamala Harris went off on a tangent, lamenting the lack of repression of her right-wing ideas. However, nodding and saying “happy” and neglecting to challenge anything the student stated implicitly accepted what she said “your truth.” Iran’s official television network joyously tweeted: Americans are hurting due to a lack of health care, public health care, and cheap housing, and all of this money ends up flowing to Israel.

During Kamala Harris’ transition, Lorraine Voles, a crisis communications expert, and Adam Frankel, a speechwriter for former President Barack Obama, assisted her. They are well-versed in White House and business communications, concentrating on long-term preparation for the midterm elections in 2022. It is not enjoyable to be a Democrat right now, despite controlling the media, university, and government school systems.