Whistleblower Reveals FBI Targeted Innocent Citizens In DC On Jan. 6

The FBI’s D.C. field office reportedly attempted to target Americans for being present at the rally at Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021. Per a whistleblower testimony, the agency’s Boston office received directives from the D.C. field office to investigate some law-abiding citizens who attended the rally, even though there is no evidence that points to them breaking the law.

The intended criminal investigation was to cover about 140 people who left Massachusetts for D.C. to attend the rally. However, there is no evidence to show that any of the 140 acted against the law or entered restricted areas at Capitol Hill.

The information about the investigation came from George Hill, a recently retired FBI supervisory intelligence analyst, who is cooperating with investigations conducted by the
House Judiciary Committee looking into the Jan 6. incident.

According to Hill, the instruction for an investigation came out of the probe of two people within the Boston office’s jurisdiction who entered restricted areas of the Capitol when rioters entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The D.C. field office, which was in charge of the investigation, asked the Boston office to open a criminal investigation into the two individuals after presenting “definitive evidence” that they committed the offense.

The D.C. office would later draw a connection between these two individuals to the 140 rally participants based on the fact that the two arranged for them to be transported to Washington by bus.

Hill’s testimony further revealed that when a supervisory special agent at the Boston office asked the D.C. field office for information on where the 140 citizens were in the Capitol, the field office declined, revealing it did not know the exact time and location they were located in the Capitol.

The field office also reportedly refused to give the Boston office access to the 11,000 hours of footage of the rally so that the office could determine if any of the rallygoers really needed to be investigated. According to Hill, the D.C. field office claimed that sharing the footage might blow the cover of undercover agents or confidential human sources.

While the higher-level bureau insisted on an investigation, Hill said the Boston office’s supervisory special agent maintained that there was no evidence that the 140 people to be targeted stepped beyond their First Amendment rights.

According to the agent, they “were going to a political rally, which is First Amendment protected activity.”

Based on the supervisory special agent’s refusal to step on citizens’ First Amendment protections, the Boston office declined the request from the D.C. field office. However, whether other offices succumbed to the pressure and launched those undue investigations is unclear.

Hill’s testimony comes as multiple whistleblowers are coming out to the Jan. 6 committee to expose corruption going on within the FBI.