White House Defends Weak Response To China’s Unrest: It’s ‘Consistent’

The White House is still scrambling for words as they dance around accusations from the American people that they aren’t standing up to the tyrannical measures of Chinese President Xi Jinping against the Chinese people.

John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House, has had some serious face time with the media over the last few days trying to explain the position the Biden Administration is taking regarding the rising escalation by the Chinese government.

In a Wednesday interview on “Fox and Friends”, Kirby denied the suggestion that the administration has been relatively quiet on its stance on the matter and that the message has been “soft and inconsistent”.

Kirby awkwardly stumbled through his response by saying, “I would not say at all that we would agree with the criticism that we’ve been less than firm or consistent. In fact, Brian, we’ve been very, consistent about the right of peaceful protest and we’ve been very vocal about it in China just over the last few days.”

Fox News correspondent Steve Doocy then furthered the question by asking him if the White House was on the side of Xi Jinping’s removal or loosening restrictions since that is ultimately the driver behind the social unrest.

Kirby responded, “Steve, we’re on the side of peaceful protest. We’re on the side of individuals being able to freely assemble and express their views, whatever those views are. We’re not taking a side in terms of what these protestors are about.”

Earlier this week, a reporter asked Kirby at a press conference what the President’s reaction is when he hears the people of China chant “freedom” or “Xi Jinping, step down”. His response was, “The president is not going to speak for protesters around the world. They’re speaking for themselves.”

It’s interesting that the administration won’t take a side in terms of what the protests are about. It’s especially odd coming from an administration that has devoted great interest and taken on serious financial burdens for the safety and well-being of citizens of other countries who are deep in conflict at this time.