White House Fails In New Attempt To Spin Biden Low Poll Numbers

The Biden administration consistently gaslights the American people.

One ringing example of this gaslighting comes in the form of inflation. The Biden administration went from saying their heavy spending wouldn’t lead to inflation to now dismissing inflation as merely fleeting.

Americans know better, and Biden’s trying to pull the same stunt with gas prices in the United States. Right now, the president is outrightly accusing gas companies of price gouging.

Meanwhile, Biden is also behind anti-energy policies like killing pipelines and preventing oil and gas leasing. Thankfully, though, an injunction earlier this week left the White House with no choice but to get out of the energy sector’s way as it pertains to oil and gas drilling.

The gaslighting doesn’t stop there, though. As Red State points out, the Biden administration is failing miserably in attempting to spin the president’s low poll numbers and lack of support.

Biden’s poll numbers are pretty horrible.

Some of the most recent polls have the president’s approval rating sitting at a pitiful 38%. Time and time again, Americans continue to show overwhelming disapproval of Biden and his plan. Yet, the president is doing absolutely nothing to correct his wrong decisions.

Meanwhile, his White House aides work day and night to cast Biden in the best light possible. It is why Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff, is tweeting out that “strong support” is present for Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

However, Klain isn’t tweeting is the reality that a Quinnipiac Poll shows nearly seven in ten Americans altered their spending habits due to inflation. Meanwhile, 72% of Americans do not believe the nation’s economy is in good condition. How’s that for solid support?

Virtually everyone in the United States feels the sting of inflation, something advanced by the president’s policies and legislation. The White House has tried to spin the southern border, crime rates, and even the supply chain. However, inflation cannot be turned around.

Americans feel the impacts of inflation every time they put gas in their cars or buy food to stock their fridges. People throughout the nation suffer the sting of inflation as the housing market gets more volatile and rent prices surge.

The Biden administration’s repeat attempts to gaslight the nation are unfortunate. They are living proof of the reality that this White House takes Americans for fools. Yet, in the end, the only person Biden is making a fool of is himself.