White House Fails To Successfully Spin Inflation Crisis

Inflation is something that will continue to haunt the White House, so long as they push policies that lead to this form of economic disaster. Now, months ago, even before Congress and Biden passed the $1.9 trillion package, Republicans warned it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Biden didn’t listen, though, and neither did the Democrats who voted this legislation straight onto Biden’s desk. Inflation and the dramatic reduction in approval numbers are inextricably linked.

Therefore, the Biden administration has gone from saying inflation isn’t a big deal to claiming it’s just part of a “transitory” process to a better economy. At this point, the White House is insulting the American people’s intelligence by expecting them to believe this apparent deception.

As National Review reports, Americans aren’t at all falling for the lies of this feckless president.

This week, a poll by Yahoo News/YouGov revealed the White House isn’t fooling anyone other than themselves. According to the poll’s details, 57% of Americans fault Biden for inflation, currently putting the US economy through the wringer.

Meanwhile, 77% of Americans admit inflation has a personal impact on their lives and finances. Just 18% told Yahoo News/YouGov they believe the president is taking appropriate action to get a hold on inflation.

These numbers are apparent, and they also coincide perfectly with other polls. No matter how much Biden and his handlers try to distract Americans from inflation, they will never succeed. Inflation is in the faces of Americans when they get in their cars, go to the grocery store, and otherwise move through society.

The writing on the wall is more than apparent when it comes to the reality of inflation. Instead of gaslighting Americans, the White House needs to be working day and night on a plan to end inflation.

They can start by reducing spending. The Biden administration must recognize that spending its way out of an inflationary problem is economically and mathematically impossible. The only path to ending inflation starts with significantly reducing government spending.

In a very unsettling turn, the Congressional Budget Office warned inflation is likely to persist for years to come if Biden’s Build Back Better Act is not stopped by the Senate. The House of Representatives already passed the legislation last week. Therefore, the onus remains on Senate members to reject this cruel spending bill.

Even without the Build Back Better Act, economists already say inflation will last throughout a pretty good amount of 2022.