White House Flaunts First Amendment, Bans New York Post

The White House’s hostility to the First Amendment reached new heights this week, as the Biden Administration declined to offer credentials to the New York Post for an important press event. The sudden exclusion of this longstanding and prominent publication raised eyebrows. Moreover, it fueled speculation about the administration’s fidelity to transparent governance.

The subject event was named “Investing in Airline Accountability Remarks,” hosted by President Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The Post, the second-most-read online newspaper in the United States, was informed via email that their credential request had been denied. The communication offered no reason for the denial, an unusual departure from previous exclusions, which typically cited “space limitations.”

The lack of a clear explanation sparked questions among journalists and citizens alike. The New York Post has been instrumental in covering stories related to Biden’s son, Hunter, and the mounting evidence of the corrupt business practices of the Biden family. The publication’s history of hard-hitting reporting has led some to wonder if this denial was a form of retaliation.

The Post’s White House correspondent Steven Nelson asked the administration about their “mysterious prescreening program” and whether access was being denied based on a publication’s coverage. His inquiry went unanswered, further feeding the flames of speculation.

Adding to the intrigue, a photograph obtained by Fox News showed approximately 20 empty press seats at Monday’s event. This image, combined with Nelson’s claim of “relatively light interest” in the event, makes the White House’s decision to exclude the New York Post even more perplexing.

This incident comes amid growing concern over the Biden Administration’s approach to press relations. Over 70 journalists signed an open letter last June, demanding an end to the White House’s prescreening process, the details of which remain undisclosed. The New York Post’s exclusion is another example of the administration’s opaque handling of press access.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to defend his son, declaring in a recent interview with MSNBC, “My son’s done nothing wrong.” Nevertheless, questions about Hunter’s activities persist, partly thanks to the New York Post’s relentless reporting.

The administration’s decision to exclude the New York Post from a press event, especially without an apparent reason, sends a chilling message to media outlets. It suggests that a publication’s coverage of the administration influences access to the White House. As the House Oversight Committee turns up the heat in its ongoing investigation of the Biden family’s alleged corrupt foreign business activities, it is more vital than ever that the press safeguard the public interest through aggressive reporting.