White House ‘Forced’ To Admit The ‘Truth’ About Nationwide Crime Surges

The rise in crime is a severe problem in the United States. As Democrats in the legal justice system seek to reduce cash bail and criminal sentences for offenders, law-abiding Americans are left to pay the price.

In 2020, the Democrat Party opened Pandora’s box when it opted to defund the police rather than support law enforcement officers in various communities.

When leftist city council members and mayors ripped away funding for police departments, they sent a siren to criminals and very dangerous individuals.

With public safety in graver peril than ever, Americans are turning to the Biden Administration to get ahead of this problem and do something. Days ago, the White House was finally made to admit the nationwide crime surges are attributed to defunding the police, as reported by National Review.

During a White House press briefing, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned Press Secretary Jen Psaki about rising crime rates. Doocy questioned if Biden is aware that many Americans feel unsafe amid growing lawlessness.

Psaki, looking for an easy out, replied by stating the White House has a responsibility to let the American populace know why crime is growing. Later, she admitted that the “underfunding” of different police departments played a role in the lawlessness spike.

From this point, the White House Press Secretary baselessly declared that Biden has a proven track record of advocacy for supplying police departments with necessary resources.

After these remarks from Psaki, Doocy asked why Biden hasn’t been more outspoken about US crime reaching historically high rates. Psaki responded by claiming Biden’s using the federal government to empower law enforcement communities and get more funding to police departments in need.

For a President who vowed to “build back better,” Biden’s work to beat back crime has been shockingly lackluster. If the 46th President were as serious about public safety as Psaki claims he is, he’d be standing up to the own members of his party who aim to defund the police.

Psaki can say whatever she wants in the White House press room. However, actions will always speak louder than words.

Multiple communities are still dealing with significantly underfunded law enforcement in real-time. In 2021, the cities across the nation that reached historic highs in crime were all run by Democrat Mayors.

If Biden and his Administration are serious about getting law and order back in place, they should get boots on the ground, rather than just spouting off talking points that sound good.