White House Forced To Back Down On Massive Payouts For Illegal Immigrants

There was a time when Americans collectively understood that illegal immigration was improper and unacceptable. Decades ago, Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama even spoke out against illegal immigration.

Yet, Democrats have decided to go all-in on illegal immigration somewhere along the line. They’re pushing for mass amnesty and stating that it’s inhumane, racist, and xenophobic for the United States to enforce its immigration laws.

That’s not all, though. Democrats are now trying to give illegal immigrants voting rights. It’s what they’re working to make happen in New York City. Furthermore, there are already whispers of Democrats wanting to provide illegal immigrants voting rights nationwide.

It explains why the Biden Administration won’t fix the issue on the southern border. However, according to PJ Media, the White House has been forced to back down on one of its worst immigration policies yet.

This year, the Biden Administration announced its intention to pay $450,000 to illegal immigrants over alleged traumas they endured after unlawfully coming into America.

Such a ridiculous policy proposal rightfully engendered outrage. As many conservatives pointed out, $450,000 is more than Gold Star families get. It’s also more money than the families of 9/11 victims received. The bottom line is that illegal immigrants have done absolutely nothing to earn $450,000 payouts.

Since the major backlash against this proposal from the Biden Administration, Justice Department lawyers recently revealed the White House is backing away from measures to pay $450,000 to illegal immigrants.

Moreover, the Justice Department claimed the White House remains committed to ensuring illegal immigrants receive “justice.” With this in mind, there’s no telling what stunt the Biden Administration may attempt to pull next.

Amid news of the White House stepping away from this $450,000 payout plan, various leftists within Biden’s base took to social media to express their outrage and disappointment.

Meanwhile, the far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) accused the Biden administration of placing politics before the needs of children allegedly abused by the United States government.

The ACLU failed to condemn the parents who brought their children with them on the dangerous journey of trying to sneak into the country. It is far from a safe endeavor, considering the drug cartels, human traffickers, and other dangerous individuals in the vicinity.

While the $450,000 payouts are currently shelved, Americans should be wary of what the White House may be planning to pull in the weeks and months to come.