White House Further Escalates Feud With Manchin

This past Sunday, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin let the country know he will not be voting for Build Back Better. The West Virginia senator’s denial of the legislation comes after meetings with Congress’s top Democrats and Republican lawmakers.

During a conversation with Fox News Sunday, Manchin said he’s not in a place where he can get on board with the crazy spending that comes along with the Build Back Better Act.

Since this announcement, the White House has reacted very poorly. They’re currently accusing Manchin of walking back prior alleged commitments he made to support and vote for Build Back Better.

However, in light of the White House’s response to Manchin’s rejection of Build Back Better, the West Virginia senator has some new statements of his own, as TheBlaze confirms.

In a nutshell, Manchin stated that the White House was under the false impression they could drum up protesters and eventually get enough pushback to make him fall in line. However, the West Virginia senator explained that he’s not someone who can be bullied or beaten into submission in light of where he is from.

Manchin furthermore stated that he anticipated the Biden White House having a “strong” reaction to the news that he wouldn’t be voting for Build Back Better. The senator also stated the Biden Administration put out adverse claims about Manchin to pressure him to vote for the president’s bill.

While the West Virginia Democrat didn’t go into explicit detail in this regard, he stated the Biden Administration knows good and well what he’s referring to. Manchin likewise noted the “inexcusable” conduct of the White House prompted him to lose faith in ongoing negotiations essentially.

There’s no telling what the White House will try next. Since Sunday, the Biden Administration has been transparent that they have no intentions of giving up on the Build Back Better Act.

With 51 opposing votes in the Senate, the Biden Administration has nowhere to turn concerning this legislation they want to be passed. They even tried to bully Manchin into getting on board with Build Back Better. Yet, this also failed.

Americans are sick of destructive and ruinous policies. None of the spending bills from the Biden Administration have done the country any good. However, the passage of Build Back Better would have been a nightmare on entirely new levels.

It is good that 50 Senate Republicans and at least one Senate Democrat dare to say NO to the destruction of the United States.