White House Mum On Possible Terrorist Motive In Quantico Break-In Attempt

The White House declined to comment on whether two Jordanian immigrants posing as Amazon delivery drivers may have been attempting a terrorist attack when they tried to force their way into the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referred questions to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) citing the active law enforcement matter.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre if the White House believed the incident could have been a thwarted terrorist plot. “The deputy director of ICE is telling us that two Jordanian nationals are in removal proceedings now after posing as Amazon delivery drivers to crash the gates at Quantico,” Doocy said. “Does the White House think this might have been a failed terrorist attack?”

Jean-Pierre declined to speculate. “I’m going to be really mindful, these two Jordanians that you’re speaking of remain in ICE custody,” she responded. Given that it is an active law enforcement matter “I would have to refer you to ICE. I just can’t dive into this because again this is a law enforcement matter.”

According to local reports, two men in a box truck attempted to crash through the base’s main gate on Fuller Road just outside Dumfries. The men allegedly posed as Amazon contractors and tried to force their way in.

Sources familiar with the situation said one of the detained men had crossed the southern border while the other is on the US terrorist watch list. Base spokesman Capt. Michael Curtis said a military police officer noticed the driver “ignoring the direct instructions of the officers” and attempting to access the base.