White House Panned For “Lack Of Focus” On Healthy Living To Fight COVID

Americans are repeatedly told that vaccinations and booster shots are the keys to preventing themselves from having the worst episodes with COVID or even dying from the virus.

However, there is only so much that COVID vaccines and boosters can do despite these claims. For example, these shots cannot stop anyone from getting the virus. It means a wholly immunized against COVID can still come down with the virus, experience symptoms, etc.

Likewise, COVID vaccines and boosters cannot stop anyone spreading the virus. Therefore, someone who gets their vaccines and boosters can still become infected with COVID and later transmit it to someone else.

On top of this, there are known instances of vaccinated and boosted individuals still passing away from this virus. In other words, there are no guarantees either way.

For this reason, the White House was recently asked about why they haven’t promoted healthy living as a means to fight this virus, in addition to vaccines and booster shots. As reported by Twitchy, the Biden Administration’s response was very telling.

Scientific data has consistently shown that individuals who struggle with obesity are far more vulnerable to this virus. Therefore, a reporter questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the White House’s lack of messaging on healthy lifestyles.

Psaki’s reaction to this was to claim the White House gets its feedback from “public health officials” and chooses to “echo” what they say. According to Psaki, these officials have cited COVID vaccines, boosters, and face coverings as the most effective in fighting this virus.

During this exchange, the White House Press Secretary seemed not interested in even mentioning the factor of healthy lifestyles providing a particular layer of protection against the virus.

It’s no coincidence that the Biden Administration refuses to advocate healthy living for this virus. Even if they genuinely believe that masks, boosters, and vaccines are effective measures against COVID, the science does show that obesity is a major risk factor.

Nothing prevents this White House from encouraging Americans to live in healthy ways (while also promoting their shots and face masks). However, there is considerably less money in doing this.

Many Americans took to social media, slamming the press secretary for her curt response to the question about data linking obesity to COVID. In light of this data, the refusal of this administration to promote healthy living indeed says it all.