White House Preparing For Harris To Do Damage Control On Foreign Policy

Despite being vice president of the country, Kamala Harris does not have the most remarkable track record for solving problems.

Last year, Harris was put in place as the czar of the southern border by Biden. Biden declared that things would be fixed and brought back under control with his vice president in charge of the border.

Roughly one year after Harris was put in charge, the southern border isn’t any better than it was after Biden undid all of Trump’s border reforms.

Despite this not-so-impressive track record, the White House has learned nothing. According to Twitchy, the Biden administration considers having Harris visit various European countries to show support to Ukraine.

At this time, the White House believes that the vice president’s presence in various European nations will send a positive message to America’s allies. Part of this visit may have Harris visiting with different military troops and otherwise engaging in other meetings.

The White House has also ruled out the possibility of having Biden visit these countries himself. The president’s handlers have concluded that he’s not the right fit, nor is he nimble enough for what the job requires.

Not sending Biden overseas might not be such a bad idea, though. The president has proven himself to be out of his depth regarding foreign policy on multiple occasions.

It isn’t just about Biden’s weakness continuously shown with Putin at every turn. It’s also about Biden contradicting Harris on the sanctions imposed upon Russia by the US government.

While giving a speech weeks ago, Harris declared that the purpose of sanctions against the Russian government was to deter Putin from hitting Ukraine. However, Biden would later claim that “no one” believed that sanctions would prevent the Russian government from invading Ukraine.

On foreign policy, neither Biden nor Harris are whizzes or experts. However, if the White House sent over Biden instead of Harris, he would undoubtedly do a poorer job and potentially cause even more problems than Harris.

When it comes to geopolitical events these days, it’s almost as if America is looking at a no-win scenario. Biden’s already severely damaged the credibility of the United States while essentially giving the green light for Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc., to do whatever they please.

Even as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine gets worse, Biden is still refusing to ban Russian oil imports and take significant strikes against Putin. In light of these details, sending the vice president to Europe won’t fix the current state.