White House Press Secretary Makes A “Total Fool” Of Herself

After over a year of the Biden presidency, most of the country is relatively familiar with his Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

As the Press Secretary, Psaki’s job is to communicate with the country about the goals and agendas of the Biden Administration. In the process of doing this, Psaki is supposed to make the current President look as great as possible, even when that entails lying through her teeth every day.

Outside of Psaki’s press conferences, she sometimes appears on Podcasts or gives media interviews.

In the Press Secretary’s appearance on Pod Save America, Psaki decided it was a good idea to make fun of people who have concerns about soft on crime policies embraced by the Democrat Party, as American Thinker points out.

By her admission, the White House Press Secretary believes that individuals who fear the documented rises in crime live in an “alternate universe.”

While speaking with Pod Save America, Psaki ridiculed Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro for reporting on the consequences of Democrats embracing pro-crime policies.

One of the most annoying episodes was when Psaki laughed and rhetorically asked what soft on crime “even means.” These remarks have since gone viral, with the White House Press Secretary facing significant criticism.

Meanwhile, Republicans were all too eager to let Psaki know what soft on crime consequences mean. They mean the documented increase in smash-and-grab robberies. Soft on crime consequences also means stores in Manhattan, New York, and other leftist communities closing their doors due to mass shoplifting.

After Psaki’s backlash, she tried to clean up what she said to Pod Save America. However, no amount of revisionist history will change what Americans heard and saw for themselves.

Ultimately, Psaki’s cavalier disposition towards the increase of crime happening in America extends the failed leadership in the White House. The Press Secretary’s decision to refer to concerns about crime as living in an “alternate universe” likewise conveys just how out of touch the Biden Administration is.

Meanwhile, as the White House laughs at the struggles of what everyday Americans face, crime isn’t going away. More people purchase firearms to protect themselves and avoid being victimized in cities like Chicago.

Psaki’s attitude is the perfect example of what the Democrat Party stands for today. However, Americans will have the last laugh in November when Democrats are back to being the minority party in Congress.