White House Reaches New Levels Of Disarray

The series of predicaments facing the United States manifests ongoing disarray in the Biden White House.

Time and time again, the list of problems associated with the Biden administration appears to get longer and longer. If this White House were committed to solving problems, this wouldn’t be so bad.

However, the Biden administration repeatedly ignores issues facing the nation, lies about them or tries to gaslight Americans. Meanwhile, Biden himself shows an unwillingness to hear out and address people’s concerns across the country.

This president’s attitude is that he’s doing a grand job and everyone else is just too silly to see it. Yet, this is precisely the attitude that’s led to dysfunction in the White House, as pointed out by RedState.

Unfortunately, confusion within the White House has horrible domestic and international ramifications.

For instance, Biden contradicted his press secretary and vice president weeks ago when he strangely claimed sanctions against the Russian government weren’t designed to prevent Putin from launching an invasion against Ukraine.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg since the onslaught against Ukraine, the Pentagon and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken have contradicted one another on whether or not MiG-29 jets have the all-clear to be sent to Ukraine.

The Pentagon claimed it wouldn’t work out. However, Blinken stated precisely the opposite on Sunday and claimed the American government approved this transfer.

With all of this public confusion and mixed messages, it just goes to show that no one running the country is aware of what they’re doing. Understanding the particulars of sanctions, fighter jets, etc., matters.

These are issues of great importance, not just minute details that can be frivolously overlooked. Who knows what else behind the scenes if these are the public episodes of dysfunction happening in the White House?

When the world looks more uncertain, the need for steady, competent leadership is heightened. Unfortunately, the White House is nowhere to be found.

Americans must hold the White House accountable. As the Democrat-led government continues to rack up one failure after another, Americans need to remember this as the midterm elections get closer.

The outcome of the midterms will largely determine whether America gets stuck with another four years of the Biden administration. Thankfully, public sentiment and polling indicate a GOP comeback is on the horizon.