White House Staffers Rapidly Catching Onto Biden And Harris’ Problems

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have serious problems. They have issues pushing for policies that take the nation off a cliff. These problems are hazardous due to the legions of Democrats in Congress that are willing to vote for whatever Biden and Harris want.

Biden and Harris are also suffering from issues with one another. Last year, reports broke out that the president and vice president have been at each other’s throats, unable to get along.

Additional reports alleged that Biden wanted to swap out Harris for a different vice president. Although, at this point, it’s looking like the White House will try to ride things out with Harris after all.

The Biden Administration may be able to somewhat hide the problems of the president and vice president from the country. However, their staffers are rapidly catching onto what’s happening behind the scenes, as confirmed by RedState.

Several aides to Biden and Harris have hightailed it out of the White House, moving into new jobs. Of course, as their resignations are announced, these aides never outrightly say anything negative about their experiences. However, it’s not hard to read between the lines.

Communications directors, public engagements deputy directors, press operations directors, and others are fleeing. It’s also no coincidence that these resignations took place in the time after CNN released a bombshell report about all the issues Harris is having in the White House.

Meanwhile, Biden isn’t doing much better. Rumor has it that he belittles and shouts at staff, just as Harris allegedly does. At the same time, one of Harris’ latest aides has assessed that Biden appeared “dazed” and overall out of touch.

Who knows what else aides are thinking, saying, and doing behind the scenes if this makes the public news headlines?

In many ways, the chaos from the Biden Administration is trickling down to the rest of the country in various regards. The chaos trickles down as Americans become increasingly annoyed with the everchanging messages regarding COVID and much more from this White House.

Meanwhile, Biden and Harris continue to pull in lower and lower approval ratings. They have yet to get ahead of the economic problems they’ve created. The president and vice president believe that Americans will forget if they go for long enough without mentioning the economy.

That’s not how it works, though. Americans are rightfully tired. The only proper way to end this chaos from the top down is to remove the White House’s congressional reinforcements in November and remove the Biden Administration during the 2024 presidential election.