Who Is Shocked That Blinken Had No Idea That Iran Will Reject A Nuclear Deal?

Are the media this clueless, or are they just foolish enough to think that they can fool the US public? We have been told that Joe Biden can do what Donald Trump could not or would not do, get Iran to the negotiation table.

But recently, Secretary of State Antony Blinken discovered. Iran is not interested in giving up its nuclear weapons program. Can we assume that the mullahs have a fully functional nuclear weapon and launch system at this point?

Last Friday, the US suspended discussions with Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is not interested in a nuclear deal. Where are John F. Kerry and Barack Obama when you need them?

Iran said the US did not appear genuine about its offer to come up with an arrangement that would allow them to continue to develop weapons of mass destruction. In a report by The Times of Israel, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Vienna talks were stopped. Tehran is not willing to move forward with negotiations.

It is a sign of weakened American influence globally, specifically in the Asian region. With the exit from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, China, and India are going alone. Blinken said that “we finished this round of talks in Vienna because Iran was not serious about developing a nuclear agreement.” Or maybe Tony just wanted to get home for the holidays, or more likely go on vacation.

The secretary of state said we would be working with our partners. Israel will be involved, which does not bode well for a deal being hashed out because Iran will reject their interests. The window is closing incredibly quickly.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) crafted by President Barack Obama was meant to lift sanctions on Iran. But instead, it only included a massive payoff with pallets of cash being delivered to the Islamic nation. Iran was supposed to suspend its nuclear program for ten years, a typical Washington budget trick. The DC mentality is committed to 10-year plans to kick the can down the road and then reassess along the way. Everyone in the deal expects to violate the terms of the agreement.

In 2018, Israel demonstrated that Iran never upheld its side of the bargain. Records seized in a strike showed the movement of nuclear materials.

Once assets were unfrozen, Iran got billions of dollars from accounts worldwide. And they received billions more when Obama paid a bizarre ransom for a few detained Americans. Because cash is fungible, this financed terrorism and murder worldwide and funded the Iranian people’s suppression, torture, and dictatorial control, many of whom are begging for US support.

Obama deceived the American public, dishonestly asserting that it covered Iran’s long-range rocket program. But nothing in this unconstitutional treaty was submitted to the Senate for confirmation.

Elections have consequences. In May 2018, President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. He imposed greater sanctions and put more pressure on Iran. Joe Biden’s installment as the anti-president Iranian nuclear scientists supported by partner nations will deliver weapons-grade nuclear systems to the Mullahs. Then all bets are off.