Whoopi Goldberg: The Biden-Doocy Exchange Sounds More Like “Squid Games” Than Freedom Of The Press

Ideally, The View keeps Whoopi Goldberg on their program as a diversity hire. That way, they can use a Black American to voice what other Black Americans don’t even agree with. Goldberg has been a thorn in the side of every Black American whose success since joining the show and might decide that taxing the rich may be bad only because it includes her. Still, when she makes comments like voting rights for Black Americans are “where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation,” it goes to show how out of touch she is.

Lisa Ling, a CNN host, was scolded for suggesting that the President of the United States shouldn’t have called a Fox News journalist a “son of a b*tch.” Goldberg, who likely anticipated the exchange, started the discussion, and Goldberg put her foot in her mouth.

Goldberg made every effort possible to make sure President Joe Biden wasn’t at fault for any of it. She said that it was probably Doocy’s fault because he “slipped in a final question at the end of the press conference.”

Really? It isn’t a Squid Games. Should the secret service put a bullet in Doocy’s head for asking a question out of turn? Come on, that’s ridiculous. Biden isn’t anything to praise. He’s an older man with dementia that should have never won an election. Former President Donald Trump isn’t, either. No politician is.

The conversation went back and forth, as a conversation would between women going through menopause, disagreements on if Biden should apologize and Trump this and Trump that. The difference between former President Donald Trump and Biden is that the media hates Trump. Trump was bashed every day and called racist and everything else in the book. Of course, he’s going to say that the press is the “enemy of the people,” as Joy Behar put it.

Ling tried to say, “I agree with you, but we can’t keep comparing him to Trump,” to which Behar yelled, “Yes, you can! And I will!”
Good job, Behar. You’ve done nothing to accomplish the problems in the White House. Instead, you’ve excused them because of something Trump did that you’re taking out of context and has no merit to the conversation we’re having.

You forget that Biden’s questions are pre-screened. Biden knows what he’s going to be asked well before going out in front of anyone. That means Doocy either felt it his duty by going off script, which we would stand by him for, or Doocy asked an approved question out of turn. Biden shouldn’t have been surprised about anything because most people in the press will yell questions as Biden is walking away or they’re being shooed off so that Biden doesn’t make a fool of himself.

Doocy should have hung up the phone as soon as he realized that Biden was on the phone with an apology. According to Doocy, Biden didn’t use the word “sorry.”