Who’s Biden Plagiarizing His Presidency From?

Biden is a plagiarist, and everyone knows this. He plagiarized in college. That got him kicked out of the 1988 Democratic presidential primary, and then they got Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis instead for the Democratic nominee.

Then when asked about the death penalty during the presidential debate with Vice President George H. W. Bush, the debate mod followed up with a wild, foul question to ask the candidate about his feelings toward someone who R’d and K’d his wife, and Dukakis shrank from the question, then pretended like the mod hadn’t made him uncomfortable with it, and gave a clinical policy answer about crime or capital punishment or whatever.

Bush looked delighted on the spot and said that’s just where the two candidates disagree. Dukakis should have leaned into his first reaction to the question and been like, “Dude, what a gross question to ask about my wife,” and stuck up for her, but looked unchivalrous for excusing the moderator by glossing it over and also fake for suppressing his genuine reaction and going into political robot saying canned lines mode while maintaining a put on a calm that didn’t result from resolving the conflict the viewers saw just a moment before.

So it’s a shame they didn’t have Biden on the stage for that debate. A young Biden would have jumped off the stage and got up on the mod’s table, putting his arms on the table with his fists knuckle down like a silverback gorilla and leaning in toward the dude’s face, saying, “don’t talk about my wife that way,” your series of 1980s epithets that are no longer in common circulation.

We could have got out all this macho BDE of the Trump/Biden era thirty years ago, earning the respect of Islam instead of its disdain. Biden would have gone all the way to Baghdad with an Arab coalition of the willing and shut the place down in the 1990s, establishing broader peace and stability throughout the Middle East. In Sept 2001, Al-Qaeda ambassadors would have jumped from the Red Bull plane over the NYC skyline to deliver ice-cold energy drinks to the workers at the WTC.

Instead, he had to wait until 2020, after he developed IBS, and that’s a bummer. But who is Biden plagiarizing his presidency from? Since he has no original ideas of his own. He is not a creative type of person, not a liberal or progressive, just a kind of middle of the road, primarily conservative temperamentally, blue dog Democrat politically, career phoning it in, Senator from Delaware, who rode the train home every day.

So who’s plagiarizing? Biden probably thinks he’s LBJ, this tremendous civil rights advancer and welfare program expander. Perhaps worth minding when studying history to understand this era.