“WHY?” Hillary Clinton Answering Phone Calls From World Leaders Regarding Afghanistan


Somehow Hillary Clinton can’t seem to stay out of politics. It makes you wonder what her current role in the Democrat party is currently.

Justin Trudeau has contacted Hillary Clinton about Afghanistan, as President Joe Biden hasn’t been seen or heard from besides in press conferences because Hurricane Henri is entering the northeastern portion of the United States, so Biden couldn’t go on vacation to Delaware where he’s been hiding out.

Most of the time, you can blame Clinton for wrongdoings, but the blame falls on Biden in this case. If Trudeau needed to know any information, he had to call someone else. That’s deeply troubling because that means that Biden has no intention of speaking to our closest countries to explain situations that could significantly affect their citizens and government. But if Biden cared about the effects of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, he would have planned it better to begin.

Biden’s actions show that he trusts the Taliban. When he said that the Taliban would need financial and economic support, he may give them that support. He’s already given them hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of United States military equipment, so what’s stopping him from giving them more?

Trudeau said, “I also spoke last night with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who shares our concern for Afghan women and girls. She welcomed our efforts and urged Canada to continue our work.”

I wonder if Clinton shared the same concern for the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, or was that somehow different?

Though Clinton says she’s concerned about Afghan women and girls, she isn’t speaking out against Biden’s actions. After all, she might have had a hand in the decisions. That could be why Trudeau decided to reach out to her instead of many others he could have called. The more significant concern is why Trudeau is worried about a dictatorship regime in Afghanistan when he’s preparing his dictatorship in Canada with vaccine passports, lockdowns, and jailing those who defy his orders.

According to the Telegraph, Biden didn’t take a phone call request from Boris Johnson for roughly 36 hours. They reported that Johnson called Biden on Monday morning requesting to speak to him but didn’t get a call back until Tuesday at 10:00 PM. It seems like Biden has to schedule things around his bouts of dementia and can’t get to everything right away. It’s typical of dementia patients to go in and out of cognitive ability. Biden could very well be dealing with an increase in the onset of dementia and seeking treatment in between press conferences. Biden’s mental decline is seen even more when he selects questions from pre-screened reporters like he’s calling attendance on the first day of school. It isn’t delightful to see.