Winking Blinken And Nod Yes Americans Were Left In Afghanistan

What happened to no man or woman left behind? Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that around 100 Americans were forced to stay in Afghanistan last week. These people are threatened to be taken hostage, tortured, raped, and killed by rabid Taliban Islamic terrorists. But Joe Biden can’t be bothered to raise a finger to help them, and Blinken is just the messenger.

During legislative testimony on Monday, Blinken all but admitted no travel advisory or advice was given to US citizens who were stranded in the war-torn country. Instead, we hung our people out to dry. His declaration came fourteen days after the US military under Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hastily bungled the Afghanistan withdrawal.

These people told us they wished to leave the country. Blinken continued to attempt to spin his way out of guilt. He acknowledged that the State Department is clueless when it comes to Americans in the country. The idea that we don’t require citizens to register when traveling is true but irrelevant. We accept voluntary international travel registration through the United States Homeland Security in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Maybe Blinken is too stupid to understand how this works, which is a valid excuse for a glaring example of the Peter Principle, screw up and move up.

He went on to explain that no one knew who lived in Afghanistan. He seems to act as if no other records include tax filings for extended stays by US citizens abroad who meet the 335-day rule for reporting purposes. Our government can coordinate Big Data to track terrorists and taxpayers and monitor email and cell phone use, but we cannot seem to figure out which citizens are near the theater of battle in a 20-year war.

Blinken thinks that giving Americans in Afghanistan a phone call or email is good enough. The secretary of state recognized that the Taliban had kept flights from leaving. But did not offer any solution to this situation. Is it now US policy to stand idly by as US citizens are treated?

Republicans were furious at Blinken for not following the protocol for Non-combatant Evacuation Operation. This policy is the required or voluntary departure of civilian non-combatants from danger in an overseas country. The military must assist in transporting these individuals to selected sanctuaries.

The GOP can only hold his feet to the fire for so long. If nothing happens to these administration officials, this will only encourage their wanton disregard for US values and principles. Democrats on the committee circled the wagons to protect Biden and his kitchen cabinet of dull knives from judgment.

As the world watches this spectacle and debacle, the American people lose confidence that anyone in government will be held accountable for these despicable actions.