Wisconsin City Mandates COVID Vaccine For Poll Workers

Within the past couple of years, supporters of COVID-19 vaccine mandates have put forward all sorts of arguments in favor of these measures.

Some argue taking the vaccine is for the good of the community and is bigger than one individual. Others claim that in order for everyone else’s vaccines to work, there cannot be even a minuscule part of the community that rejects the vaccine.

However, each and every argument in favor of COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been debunked. Pro-mandate arguments went out the window the moment it was confirmed that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent symptoms, spread, or contagion of the virus.

Despite the lack of science supporting these mandates, poll workers in Madison, Wisconsin are still required to have these shots.

A Backdoor Election Steal?
In Madison, poll workers must not only have COVID-19 vaccines, but they must also produce proof of vaccination. The city will not relent on this measure, despite Joe Biden himself declaring weeks ago that the COVID-19 pandemic is done with.

When pressed by the media about this mandate, Madison officials said it exists because all city workers are obligated to be vaccinated. The city also stressed that poll workers are not exempt from this rule.

However, critics are warning this vaccine mandate is designed to reduce the odds of conservatives becoming poll workers in Madison. It is a well-known fact that left-wingers are more amenable to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, along with rules demanding proof of vaccination.

With fewer — or potentially zero — GOP poll workers in Madison, this raises concerns about the security of elections. In some communities, there are requirements for election workers to have equal amounts of Republican and Democrats to avoid claims of impropriety.

More Vaccine Mandates to Come?
Much of the country has dropped COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Though in some communities, they still linger.

Recently, the CDC came out and advised that COVID-19 vaccines be added to the list of mandatory immunizations in order for children to attend public schools.

Republican governors are making it clear this is something they will never stand for. However, most Democratic governors are notably quiet about this issue. Some are even believed to be in agreement with the CDC’s recommendation.