With Terms Like “The Unvaccinated Minority,” Biden Is Talking Like A Rightwing Authoritarian

Joe Biden doesn’t just risk becoming the most divisive president in history with his us versus them rhetorically. He’s starting to sound the part of a far rightwing authoritarian dictator.

Using terms like “the unvaccinated” and the “minority” to refer to people who have chosen not to get a coronavirus vaccine is alienating and marginalizing.

Although the number of Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus surpassed 50% in August, President Biden is instilling hatred in those who refuse to receive the vaccine and those who are vaccine-hesitant and waiting for additional information before getting vaccinated.

The president doesn’t want to let them make this personal medical decision on their timetable. He wants them to make it on his timetable, so he’s using OSHA to strong-arm their employers into harassing them until they get the shot.

It is just unbelievably not any of Joe Biden’s business or his right to tell other Americans what they have to do about their bodies. Yet, the establishment behind him is pushing and pushing and pushing Americans around in a way that a constitutional republic of free citizens cannot tolerate and should not have tolerated even up to this point.

It’s especially troubling that the Bidenist cohort’s War on Germs has taken on so starkly the visage of a far rightwing authoritarian government. When brutal autocratic dictators take power, they take it slowly at first, then all at once. We’re very dangerously near the all at an earlier stage of the civic disease’s progression.

And when far-right authoritarian governments arise, they pick a class of people to scapegoat and marginalize. They make this group of people the enemy. They deride and dehumanize them in all their communications to the public. They make them out to be existential threats to the very lives of everyone and try to blame them for as many trumped-up charges as they can heap on them.

Trump’s haters said he was doing with immigrants when he sensationalized crimes committed by an immigrant and called for a border fence with Mexico. They compared him relentlessly to you know who for all four years of his term in office.

Congratulations to them for standing up to the autocrat for the little guy, but it all turned out to be for a show when Trump won office. Deportations were lower under the Trump Administration than under Obama. Biden, on the other hand, posed as an anti-fascist promised no vaccine mandate. When he took office, he did waste little time trying to impose his will on the bodies of millions of Americans. And the ones who shouted against Trump for four years are cheering on actual fascism on the march under the Biden banner in 2021.

And such as these are joining in on the othering, dehumanizing, and hating of people who haven’t gotten the vaccine. We’ve progressed seamlessly from coronavirus being “the invisible enemy” to other Americans being thought of and treated as if they’re the enemy. It’s a happening Milgram experiment from sea to shining sea, and the results are ugly.