Without The Rule Of Biden ’Law Of Gaff’ And ‘Word Of Bumble’ Vaccine Mandates Crumble

Remember when we passed the 28th amendment that allows the President of the United States of America to rule like a cheap third-world potentate and decree that laws exist ex nihilo? 

Yes, you are correct. That never happened. But too many fools are acting as it did. Unless that happens, there is no way our dementia-riddled anti-President can make companies fire people for any reason. 

You have been told that the Biden-Harris administration issued a vaccine mandate. Right? When did that happen? You may think that during a speech, Biden described what would indeed become law. You may assume that Joe Biden will honor the constitution and follow the criminal process for issuing such a radical draconian measure. You probably think that under some so-called emergency authorization, he has the power to determine what your employer must do. And you would be wrong. 

Private companies employing 100 or more people are now under threat of prosecution from a rogue regime using amorphous claims of nebulous powers that it does not have. 

Joe Biden said on September 9 that millions of Americans, including medical care specialists, would be terminated if they did not “get the jab” or “take the shot” or “kneel before Zod.” Okay, I added that last one, but it was implied. 

Liberal media and government are based on an illusion. Our noses are led us by magicians, con artists, and charlatans. 

Biden’s vax order does not exist. Let that sink in. Companies are firing people because of make-believe dictate from a fake king. In the USA, public interviews and media fabricated events do not make law. No guideline legitimately restricts any American citizen from working without injecting vaccines or experimental mRNA spiked protein flu shots. 

Republican AGs from across this nation have objected to this illicit command, yet not one has filed suit. It must be by design. Because there is no law to mandate to cite as evidence of executive overreach, there is no cause of action. These snakes are cunning, aren’t they? 

So, where is this mandate? 

The Biden-Harris White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs doesn’t have it. Neither does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Maybe the Department of Labor is working on it. No, they have nothing. And there is not even an executive order. This fantastical mandate has no force of law. 

As we indicated, even under the COVID-19 crisis, there are protocols. Especially during a crisis, protocols must be followed. A temporary emergency standard (ETS) can take nearly six months to get through our system. Until then, we are still waiting for this guidance to enter the Federal Register, which would be the first step in the process. ETS rules have been routinely overturned. Courts have rejected five of six OSHA attempts to use ETS standards to push private businesses around. 

Businesses may like the idea that they have been told what to do. It absolves them from making the hard calls and may provide some financial protection and avoid legal liability. They can claim, “the Biden-Harris Administration made me do it!” 

We are left to assume that this liberal government juggernaut wants individuals out of work, suffering needlessly, dependent on the government, acquiescing to demands, infused with untested drugs, and compliant. But we are Americans, not serfs. We have God-given rights to live, act, and dissent as we choose.