Woke Corporate America Reacts to Roe Reversal

In the turmoil following Friday’s Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe v. Wade, companies across the nation have some striking reactions.

Every large business provides health coverage, and the country quickly became a patchwork grid of states where abortion is or is not permitted. Among questions facing corporate America are whether abortion is covered under health plans as well as paying for travel to states where it is legal.

The Society for Human Resources Management surveyed over 1,000 HR professionals last month to gauge current policies and possible reactions to Roe being shelved. The top reproductive health benefit currently offered is paid time off to receive this “care”, available from 32% of companies.

When asked about resources or benefits employers may consider offering that they do not currently, 7% cited PTO for reproductive services as well as relief funds to access them.

Six percent of companies will consider travel expenses for employees in states that ban abortion and another 6% may offer unpaid time off for protests supporting abortion.

Is the same time off available to support pro-life beliefs?

Large companies such as Amazon, Meta, Apple, Disney, and CVS told their workforce that they will cover travel costs for those who live where abortion is not allowed.

Google went a step further on Friday, sending an email to employees that opened the door to apply for relocation. The company said that “no justification” is needed, and it has more than 30 facilities across the U.S. There was no indication of how many transfers would be allowed.

Financial firms also made announcements concerning Friday’s historic ruling. JPMorgan Chase told its U.S. employees back on June 1 that it will pay for travel costs to where abortion is legal if or when Roe was overturned.

Many companies in recent weeks updated their health policies in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision. Tesla, Citigroup, and Salesforce expanded their abortion coverage to cover travel.

Other businesses took different actions specific to their industry. Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft told drivers they will be supported legally if lawsuits arise from transporting patients to get an abortion.

After recent actions by Disney and corporate America’s kowtowing to Black Lives Matter radicals, their responses to the Supreme Court’s ruling are hardly surprising. Big business, however, would do well to remember that consumers also vote with their dollars.