‘Woke’ Crayola Facing Boycott After Pushing Transgender Agenda to Children

Crayola, the crayon company, is now pushing the transgender agenda to small children — and has begun to face a potential boycott over the controversial content.

The crayon company, which reportedly has a target market of children ages 2-10, is facing backlash after posting inappropriate images of a transgender model to its social media accounts.

Crayola promoted Julian Gavino — a woman who believes she is a man, who also goes by the name “The Disabled Hippie” — on its Facebook and Instagram pages in posts celebrating “Disability Pride Month.”

“Julian Gavino, (he/him) is a fashion model, writer, and activist who identifies as a transgender man,” the company wrote in the post. “He was born with a progressive neurological condition. Julian is passionate about advocating for his respective communities. As someone who grew up not seeing anyone who looked like him in the media, Julian is determined to normalize disabled and trans bodies in the fashion world.”

In describing her life, Gavino said she “felt out of control with what was happening to my body,” but when she “started pushing the boundaries on what I would usually wear,” it helped her “cope.”

The posts from Crayola weren’t just promoting the transgender ideology though. Instead, the company took it a step farther, sharing images that many critics saw as inappropriate and confusing for children, including one where she is wearing a leopard-print jumpsuit and another wearing a lime green jacket with a chain bra, latex pants and high-heeled boots.

Seemingly foreseeing the controversial nature of their decision, Crayola disabled all comments on their Instagram post and limited who could comment on their Facebook post. The company has since deleted both posts.

Soon after the post was exposed, it went viral and the hashtag #BoycottCrayola was trending as critics expressed their frustration over the company’s actions.

“Crayola Has lost me a customer. Crayola CEO: What does this have to do with crayons? #BoycottCrayola,” one Twitter user responded.

“WTH?! No more Crayola. There are a lot of other brands to buy from. #BoycottCrayola #gowokegobroke,” a concerned mother replied.

“Really inappropriate content for children. Usually, I buy a ton of supplies to donate, this year we will be leaving Crayola out of the donation. Kids don’t need to be taught about sexual preference or changing genders while trying to color,” another woman wrote.

“Stop! Children need to be protected from this! It is sad when I want to go against the school supply suggestions and NOT buy Crayola. Get off the woke bus. Go woke, go broke,” a Facebook user responded.

“I guess I’ll be switching the brand of crayons I buy for my children,” one person said.

“Thanks Crayola since you’ve decided to make this political. I’ll NO longer be purchasing your product!” another user wrote.

“Our kids don’t need to be pushed through media and this is messed up. I support LGBTQ but I don’t support pushing our children in these ways. JUST LET THEM BE KIDS!” another person replied.

“Stick to crayons,” another user advised.

“Just sell crayons, is it that hard?” another person asked.

Despite the backlash, dozens of other commenters agreed with Crayola’s decision to promote the transgender activist on its social media pages, claiming that “representation” and “equity” were important and stating that the post was “amazing” and “fantastic.”

Crayola has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards since 1984.