Women ‘Suffering’ Big Time In Biden’s America

Time and time again, the Democrat Party professes to be the party, heralds, and supporter of women. Democrats claim they’re all about women having freedom, choices, and agency. However, their actions and policies tell a very different story.

Democrats have not an iota of regard for the women who were hurt during stay-at-home orders and lockdowns. Countless studies showed that domestic violence rates surged amid lockdowns. Leftists continued to stand by measures that have since been proven as total failures.

Similarly, the state of the economy is also having a very adverse impact on women in America, as PJ Media points out.

As Americans across the political spectrum are becoming increasingly more vocal about, Biden has used his presidency to absolutely gut the country’s economy. Inflation is a ringing example of this, as are low consumer confidence rates and stagnant wages.

However, economic data from last month shows just how seriously Biden and the Democrats have left behind women in the United States. The latest jobs report shows that while women engaged in the labor market at just 58%, men participated at a level of 70%.

It is a significant discrepancy. It’s also something that Biden refuses to address as he foolishly declares he’s doing an excellent job as President.

One of the most brutal blows against women has been Biden’s school closures, the teachers’ unions and the Democrat Party supported. Women disproportionately work in education and daycare. They also rely heavily on the services provided by this sector.

It is yet another problem that the left has yet to address. However, with midterms coming up, Democrats will be sure to pander to women and other Americans for votes.

It is high time for the Democrat Party to own up to the extent that lockdowns, school closures, and other measures hurt women and other Americans across the nation.

The reality of so many women being left behind by the very measures enforced by the Democrat Party merely speaks to the failure of government intervention. When the government inserts itself in various situations, everything worsens nine times out of ten.
In just this month alone, everyone has learned that the shutdowns championed by political leaders, the CDC, and other so-called “health and medical experts” did not save lives from COVID.

They did, however, uproot the lives of many women and countless other people throughout the country.