World Health Organization Puts China on Executive Board

The World Health Organization (WHO) elected China to its executive board last week. The appointment of the communist nation came after it was known it provided false information to the WHO during the Wuhan COVID-19 outbreak. China also blocked investigations into the origin of the pandemic and cracked down on doctors who attempted to raise warnings about the coronavirus.

As just a single example of China’s aggressive posture toward world public health, Dr. Li Wenliang allegedly died at age 34 from COVID-19 infection in February 2020. He suffered severe retaliation by the Chinese Communist Party when he attempted to warn other doctors about the rapid spread of the disease in Wuhan shortly before his death.

There were no known objections by any United Nations (U.N.) member nation, even though the WHO is a U.N. health agency. U.N. Watch executive director Hillel Neuer expressed horror at the apparent acquiescence of every member nation to China being placed on the board.

Neuer also pointed out other issues damaging the U.N.’s image over the last week in addition to handing China a board seat with the WHO.

A group of nations known as state supporters of terrorism forced the WHO’s World Health Assembly to condemn Israel as presenting a world health risk. That condemnation was transparently political and not based on public health.

The U.N. also named North Korea as chair of the Conference on Disarmament, even though the nuclear rogue nation has repeatedly flaunted existing U.N. sanctions by conducting intercontinental ballistic missile tests and continuing work on developing nuclear weapons.

The U.N. Human Rights Commission handed the Chinese government a public relations bonanza last week as well. Commissioner Michelle Bachelet conspicuously failed to condemn or even investigate the genocide of ethnic Uyghurs as she visited occupied East Turkistan. China considers the region as its territory and refers to it as Xinjiang.

Spectator columnist Ross Clark wrote over the weekend that the WHO executive board is now “stuffed with small countries” who will not dare to challenge China. As most of the nations on the board themselves have terrible records on human rights, they are not likely to have the political power to stand up to China even if they wanted to do so.

Clark went on to say that putting China on the WHO executive board serves as further evidence that the group has “lost all credibility.” The appointment comes as the Biden White House is striving to hand over more influence, authority, and American sovereignty to the organization.