Ya’ara Saks: Freedom Convoy’s Rallying Cry Was A “Super-Secret Code”

On Monday, Canadian Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks stated, with a straight face, that the Freedom Convoy’s rallying cry of ‘Honk Honk’ was a super-secret code for Heil Hitler. Yes, she said that aloud and on purpose.

The left fails to realize that every time you use a slur against a political opponent, be it calling them racist or antisemitic or any of the other hosts of smears they routinely use, it dilutes the efficacy of the words themselves. Being called a racist by the left has almost become a badge of honor for some. There is little fear of the word anymore because of its constant use in every situation.

Ms. Saks seems to base her argument that a person with a flag had a Swastika on it early in the protest. Every average person in polite society abhors that symbol and denounces its use. Indeed, the protesters’ truckers ran the person off because the flag had nothing to do with who the truckers were, what they were protesting, or the tenor of the protests themselves. What was it about the bouncy castles, impromptu hockey games, and the national anthem singing that screamed a hatred for the Jewish people?

The truckers were protesting the anti-democratic mandates the government imposed to destroy businesses and take ownership of citizens’ bodies. Indeed, Mr. Trudeau proved the point when he declared a national emergency because they could not fix the honking and parking problem. The Trudeau government began to freeze people’s bank accounts for donations of as little as $40 without a warrant or due process.

The left virtue signals and projects an image of being the only people concerned about protecting the rights of the oppressed. However, given the first chance, they show their true colors by smearing their opponents, taking their property, and stifling dissent. The everyday citizen is starting to catch on to the game, and hateful attacks like Ms. Saks are slowly being ignored. The left cannot lose power fast enough.