Yet Another Country ‘Kicks’ COVID Mandates To The Curb

Across the world, there’s an ongoing shift where various COVID restrictions are being thrown out.

This shift comes amid various protests of people taking to the streets and demanding their leaders cease the implementation of unjust medical mandates being pushed under pretenses of public health.

The freedom trucker convoy protesting against vaccine mandates lasted for about two weeks in Canada. It eventually resulted in some Canadian provinces rolling back restrictions. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to play hardball with martial law, and their bank account freezes.

The CDC, left-wing leaders, and others are now rolling back various COVID restrictions here in the United States. They’re doing this as polls show significant disapproval of various mandates. The approach of the midterms plays a role in this.

Meanwhile, other nations are following suit in one way or another. Days ago, Iceland announced its decision to kick COVID mandates to the curb, as covered by LifeSiteNews.

Iceland cited natural immunity as its reasoning to do away with COVID restrictions. The country announced that its citizens would be better equipped to fight off the virus with more direct exposure.

Therefore, Iceland citizens no longer have to deal with curfews, caps on social gatherings, etc. Amazingly, the country has also stood out from some of its neighbors in refusing to implement various vaccine passport systems that have appeared in different parts of Europe.

Iceland leaders believe that vaccine passport systems will only lead to more significant societal conflict than solving challenges created by COVID.

As everyone around the world has seen, vaccine passports have very much stirred up anger and resentment. Meanwhile, the vaccines fail to prevent anyone from being infected with coronavirus or passing it to other people.

With mandates being rolled back across the globe, many people across different nations hope this marks a permanent transition away from COVID hysteria seen in 2020 and 2021.

At this time, in 2022, there’s an overwhelming global consensus that says enough is enough. It turns out that people don’t want social distancing, mask requirements, vaccine requirements, and other limitations to become “the new normal.”

Time will tell whether or not COVID restrictions continue to be phased out of various societies worldwide.