YouTube Bans Von, Barr Over Clearly Sarcastic Remark

YouTube deplatformed popular and politically incorrect comedians Roseanne Barr and Theo Von after a sarcastic discussion over “misinformation” policies on social media.

Barr appeared as a guest on Von’s June 14 podcast and wasted no time going after over-the-top practices that result in online censorship. YouTube pounced, declaring that the episode was no longer available due to “hate speech.”

However, the only comment that could in any way be construed as “hate speech” was spoken by Barr in an obviously sarcastic tone.

She began by noting that it is now mandated that they are only “allowed to speak the truth.” The longtime TV star commented tongue-in-cheek that the “truth” is that Biden won the 2020 presidential election by getting 81 million votes in only 36 counties.

This, she and Von asserted, is part of the truth that is now a mandate. As Barr said, “there’s such a thing as the truth and facts and we have to stick to it.”

Von simply replied, “It’s scary,” just before the Jewish Barr dropped her bombshell.

She said, “And that is the truth. And you know, no one died in the Holocaust either. That’s the truth.” Then Barr added, “It should happen — six million Jews should die right now, because they cause all the problems in the world. But it never happened.”

Anyone who viewed the discussion between Barr and Von knew instantly that her remarks were sarcastic. Only by simply reading them and not applying context could any logical offense be taken.

Unless, of course, the reader or viewer wanted to take offense.

YouTube wasted no time removing the clip, and Von was banned from uploading content for a week. The prohibition came just a day after Barr defended her comments and affirmed that she believes the Holocaust occurred.

She credited the harsh criticism that followed the podcast to “satanic mind control.”

YouTube spokesperson Jack Malon told Variety that the “strike” was given to Von’s channel “for violating our hate speech policy, which prohibits content promoting violence against individuals or groups based on attributes such as race or religion.”

The popular Von tweeted his support for his guest, noting that her statements were clearly sarcasm. “A clip taken out of a long sarcastic rant she had during our chat. Can we not recognize sarcasm anymore?”