Eric Adams: New Yorkers Should Mobilize Against Migration Costs

During a recent press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, urged New Yorkers to raise their voices and mobilize against President Biden’s immigration policies.

“As Americans, we should go to our center of government and raise our voices when we believe the government is not responding accordingly,” Adams said during a December 19 press conference.

Adams continued, “I’m saying to New Yorkers, ‘You’re angry and I’m angry, and the source of our discontent lies in DC.’ And we need to mobilize and rally and go to D.C. and say to the national government, ‘This is not fair what’s happening to New York City!’”

According to Politico, Adams’ poll numbers have dropped to 28% at least in part because of budget cuts and housing affordability, two things Adams blames on the migrant crisis. The 28% job approval rating is the lowest for any New York City mayor since the poll began in 1996.

Adams began pointing the finger at the Biden administration’s border policies months ago. At one point his office stated that the migrant crisis could cost taxpayers as much as $12 billion through fiscal year 2025, a number that the city’s budget could not handle.

According to Breitbart, more than $7 billion will be cut from government services for Americans to feed and house the increasing number of migrants entering the city. Adams has gone as far as to say that Biden’s migration will “destroy New York City.”

The attacks from Adams on Biden’s immigration policies come as Biden battles for reelection and needs other Democratic leaders to support him. He has, however, lost his support from the mayor of the biggest city in the country as Adams continues to call New Yorkers to mobilize against D.C. and fight for federal funding for the crisis.

“The heart and soul of who we are as Americans is to go to our central government and raise our voices,” Adams said, enlisting fellow New Yorkers to join his cause and understand that it is federal policies that are destroying the New York City economy.