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Thanks for reaching out to Capital Hill News. We focus on providing news summaries and in-depth analyses focused on legislative powers in Washington. Are your elected officials living up to their promises? Keep them accountable with the latest information from Capital Hill News.

Understanding Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold journalistic integrity by reporting on legislative actions without a liberal bias. We focus on news affecting the rights of the average American: the right to bear arms, the right to life, and the right to peaceably assemble and speak freely. These core values are critical to preserve in the rising tide of liberalism in America — and we set out to do just that.

In addition to news affecting your rights, we want to provide you with the information you need to keep all elected officials accountable.

Meet the Capital Hill News Team

The Capital Hill News team comes from all walks of life. Our writers and editors focus on eliminating liberal bias and conforming to traditional American values as they synthesize, summarize, and analyze news.

Our team includes active participants in their local communities — concerned citizens who know it’s critical to spread the word about political activities and legislative actions in Washington in a way that all readers can understand. Coast to coast, the Capital Hill News team wants to deliver value.

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Our editors love to hear from readers. We welcome ideas, tips, suggestions, feedback, and more. To correspond, simply reply to any newsletter to share your valuable feedback with our editors. We appreciate your willingness to contribute by using your right to free speech. Speak up — we want to listen!

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