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Capital Daily is the Capital Hill News summary you need. You’ll receive frequent updates on news straight out of Capital Hill, with a focus on legislative propositions and decisions that reflect the conservative American. Capital Daily zooms in on fundamental rights such as the right to life, the right to bear arms, and the right to free speech and religious assembly. With Capital Daily, you’ll have the information you need to protect your faith, your family, and your community.

Pair Capital Daily with Review from the Hill for a more analytical approach to the news. Together, Review from the Hill and Capital Daily will give you the latest updates and a suggested in-depth look, placing the values of the conservative American at the center.

Capital Hill News presents Review from the Hill, a frequent analysis of the latest legislation and news from Washington. Capital Hill News breaks down legislation in this newsletter, showing you how and why it matters to the daily life of the American with traditional values. With Review from the Hill, you can learn what to look for in the broader political landscape.

Pair Review from the Hill with Capital Daily for the latest breaking news. With this combination you’ll receive the news summaries followed by critical analysis of legislative events and decisions affecting the nation.

About Capital Hill News

Capital Hill News is dedicated to presenting news without a liberal bias. We believe in a two-pronged approach to inform our subscribers: to provide summaries of important legislation via Capital News, and to follow up with in-depth analysis via Review from the Hill. Our mission is to keep the conservative American informed about breaking news during their busy work day.

In addition to ensuring our news is free of liberal bias, we provide information in a way that is respectful to those who serve — our local hometown heroes working in law enforcement and emergency services, as well as the admirable, brave men and women of the armed forces serving around the world.

What Capital Hill News Publishes

Capital Hill News provides critical updates to conservative Americans. We avoid the spin of liberal media and focus on delivering news affecting the rights of your community. Capital Daily offers summarized news bites while Review from the Hill provides complementary analysis.

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Are you ready to receive frequent news updates about the latest news from Washington? Capital Daily provides the information you need to keep Congresspeople accountable. With a focus on news affecting the rights of everyday Americans, Capital Daily is ideal for the concerned but busy conservative.

The Capital Hill News Team

We’re incredibly proud of the dynamic team we’ve built and are always looking for new contributors. Our journalists and writers are particularly focused on the political sphere, though many have an incredible passion for all types of news, crime, health, and financial reporting.

Each is skilled when it comes to in-depth research and most draw from a unique background related to their area of expertise. Our team includes financial advisors, military members, politicians, and so many other talented Americans.

Our editorial team is top-notch as well. They take no prisoners when it comes to making sure the content we publish is properly sourced, fact-checked, accurate, and free of bias. We don’t allow our writers to publish based on personal opinion, either.

Capital Hill News Ethics

We believe in factual reporting. We don’t believe in personal attacks or mudslinging. You’re never going to see us make fun of someone’s appearance or medical condition. We stick to fact-based reporting and only focus on what actually matters – the things that may hinder the performance of your elected officials and actually have an impact on your day to day lives. We also work hard to ensure sensitive topics are covered respectfully.

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