‘Woke’ DC Comics Criticized For Subtly Attacking Trump, Christians

The comic book publisher DC Comics has, for years, faced massive criticism for its “woke” content. Prominent YouTuber Richard C. Meyer recently issued a scathing rebuke of the comic book publisher, pointing to an issue of Wonder Woman portraying former President Donald Trump and Christians as villains.

PJ Media noted that the comic industry has been struggling for some time, having set some of its lowest sales numbers. The outlet reported that comic shops across the U.S. have been increasingly shutting down, with one owner, Glen O’Leary, going viral in 2023 after ranting about low-grade writers turning prominent characters into self-inserts.

The outlet pointed out that such self-inserts are usually affiliated with identity politics, with DC Comics spreading the LGBT agenda. The comic book publisher portrayed Batman’s sidekick, Robin, as having feelings toward men and women. Such an action was celebrated by leftists in the mainstream media, even as fans gave up on the book and character.

Despite outrage from fans, DC Comics continued pushing its radical beliefs by making Superman a climate activist. A writer for the publisher, Tom Taylor, experimented with the character’s love life, putting him into a relationship with a “gender-confused” boy with pink hair and glasses.

Fans of the comic book franchise thought they had seen the worst when Hollywood activist Tim Sheridan reworked Green Lantern to be more LGBT-friendly.

DC Comics recently continued to push its political agenda by attacking Jesus Christ and Trump in its latest Wonder Woman comic.

“It should be no surprise that writer Tom King is a former CIA operative who subverts the character and values of America,” PJ Media wrote. “One can’t help but wonder how he fell into a comic writing job for cultural icons like Wonder Woman.”

Writer Tom King’s Wonder Woman storyline has created a new villain, called “The Sovereign.” The villain is a shadow president who manipulates the public with his “lasso of lies” to remain in power while attacking Amazonian immigrants to force them out of the U.S.

This character is a reference to Trump and conservative policies, portraying the Amazonian immigrants as heroic as they prepare to be deported by the U.S. government.