The Capital Hill News Team

If there’s one thing we can’t stand, it’s when the mainstream media takes a simple news story and twists it out of context with a ton of personal opinion and bias. The team here at Capital Hill News knows how frustrating it can be to sift through unreliable sources and stories in order to figure out what should actually be important to your household. We’re here to help.

Our Mission

Everyone here at Capital Hill News is working towards a common goal. We want to make sure every American is fully informed about what’s happening not just on Capitol Hill, but around the entire country – an the world. In doing so, you can ensure your elected officials on every level are doing what they’re supposed to be — working for you, not corporate America or a bunch of lobbyists.

We live in troubling times. In doing what we do, we hope to aim our readers with the news and analysis necessary to protect their families an their interests. We do so by focusing our reporting on legislation, government spending, and anything else that may threaten our Constitutional rights or values.

The Capital Hill News Team

We’re incredibly proud of the dynamic team we’ve built and are always looking for new contributors. Our journalists and writers are particularly focused on the political sphere, though many have an incredible passion for all types of news, crime, health, and financial reporting.

Each is skilled when it comes to in-depth research and most draw from a unique background related to their area of expertise. Our team includes financial advisors, military members, politicians, and so many other talented Americans.

Our editorial team is top-notch as well. They take no prisoners when it comes to making sure the content we publish is properly sourced, fact-checked, accurate, and free of bias. We don’t allow our writers to publish based on personal opinion, either.

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