Former Trump Attorney ‘De-Banked’ By USAA, Bank Of America

An attorney who previously worked with former President Donald Trump is now “debanked” by USAA and Bank of America. John Eastman surprisingly found himself without financial services after both major institutions severed their ties with him.

USAA began as an insurance provider for Army officers in 1922.

It is now a major banking, insurance and financial services provider based in Texas, with membership limited to those who may demonstrate a link to the military.

Interestingly, Pew Research revealed in 2019 that USAA’s client base is predominantly conservative. A full 59% of its customers declared themselves to be Republican, a far cry from the 39% of veterans and their associates who were Democrats.

Critics charge that the USAA of 2024 outsources several major services and shifted far from its background of providing for service members and their families.

As for Eastman, he found himself shut out of both USAA and Bank of America in just seven months.

He recounted that he moved most of his business from Bank of America due to the financial institution’s well-noted wokeness. From there he went to USAA, believing that the military-aligned heritage of the company would better fit his values and meet his needs.

That was apparently a mistake.

First it was Bank of America that notified Eastman with a letter in Sept. 2023 that his accounts were being closed. Mere months later, a similar communication came from USAA letting the attorney know that his two accounts there were also to be shuttered.

Eastman told the Daily Caller that within a short period, his accounts through which automatic payments and deposits were conducted were abruptly closed. “We had to get a new bank account and shift everything over.”

Notification of the USAA closure came on Nov. 20, 2023. This was just a few weeks before a California judge ruled that Eastman was responsible for an ethics violation in a case before the state bar.

USAA wrote that it intended to exercise its ability “to no longer do banking business” with the attorney. “We may close your account for any reason without advance notice.”

The weaponization of Wall Street along with Biden’s federal agencies is more apparent every day. Along with it comes the loss of civil rights and the freedom to disagree with the government and corporate elites.