Utah Teachers Happily Defy Rules Prohibiting CRT Curriculum

Utah educators have been caught ignoring the state’s ban on teaching critical race theory (CRT) in the classroom, according to a recent tweet thread from Accuracy in Media. In May 2021, the Utah legislature passed two resolutions to ban CRT from schools, and the Utah Board of Education approved similar restrictions in June 2021. However, some educators in the state are still determined to teach these controversial theories.

Several individuals from the Jordan School District were caught on video boasting about how they managed to sneak CRT into their lessons. Michelle Love-Day, Director of Culture and Diversity at Jordan, explained how her team avoids complaints by only informing parents about the woke material they taught after the fact.

Teacher specialist Katrina Kennedy revealed that she and other English teachers in the district still ask students for their preferred pronouns, despite the state law prohibiting it.

In another instance, Letitia Vigil, another teacher specialist in Jordan, spoke about sneaking CRT and woke race theories into the curriculum. Meanwhile, Missy Hamilton, Director of Teaching and Learning in Murray School District, laughed as she talked about a teacher who refused to remove his Black Lives Matter flag, even after being told it was against the law.

Hamilton described the defiant teacher as “loud and proud” about displaying the prohibited flag that was “bigger than the American flag.” That teacher, protected by tenure and the teachers union, allegedly told administrators: “Write me up. Fire me. What are you going to do?”

Executive Director at Ogden School District Sarah Roberts boasted about tricking a parent by offering an “alternate curriculum” for their child that she claimed met the same objectives as the woke curriculum but was different in nature.

She described the alternative she created as being “not the same thing,” although it “meets the same objectives.”

These revelations are a cause for concern for parents with children in public schools, who should be aware that despite state laws, their children may still be exposed to leftist CRT propaganda in the classroom. It is crucial that the state legislature and education board continue to monitor the situation and enforce the ban on teaching CRT in schools.