Accused Pentagon Document Leaker Arrested

The federal government is accusing Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira of leaking more than 100 sensitive documents related to American national security, including assessments on the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Teixeira, 21, is accused of releasing sensitive material on the online chat app Discord. The airman was arrested this week after the documents revealed extensive U.S. spying efforts and intelligence assessments.

The airman was accused of two crimes related to the retention and transmission of “national defense information” and “classified documents.”

Teixeira reportedly shared the information with approximately two dozen other young men in a chat group online.

Teixeira had been stationed at Otis Air National Guard Base and was arrested at his home in North Dighton, Massachusetts.

The National Guard said that “any attempt to undermine it compromises our values and degrades trust among our members, the public, allies and partners.”

The Pentagon called it “a deliberate criminal act.”

According to the leaked documents, the United States has been spying on rivals such as China and Russia as well as allied nations such as Ukraine, Israel and South Korea.

Much of the material centered around the war between Russia and Ukraine. Newly revealed information includes that the United States likely has several dozen soldiers in Ukraine.

This revelation received significant attention, including from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and on Tucker Carlson’s popular Fox News program.

The documents also reveal that American officials pressured South Korea into selling artillery rounds. Seoul was hesitant about such a transfer over fears that the shells would then be transferred to Ukraine.

Earlier this week an agreement to transfer 500,000 South Korean artillery shells to the United States was announced.

South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin expressed concern over the alleged spying on his government but did not address the issue further.

The revelation regarding ammunition also corresponds with wider concerns that aid to Ukraine could deplete American supplies.

American officials also believe that there will not be negotiations between Russia and Ukraine this year, according to the leaked papers.