Antifa Sabotages Woke Butcher Shop In Portland

In the leftist city of Portland, Oregon the “woke” butcher shop Pasture PDX has been vandalized by Rose City Antifa for not being woke enough. The attack came in the form of cutting off power to the shop, and the radical leftist group claimed credit via their blog.

Pasture PDX is co-owned by Kei Ohdera and HJ Schaible. Since its founding in 2022, the store has proudly displayed the LGBT flag in its window. Both owners have a long history of expressing leftist viewpoints on social media.

In a 2023 piece in the Oregonian, Ohdera stated that the purpose of the shop was to provide “ethically sourced” meat. He also somewhat ironically encourages people to eat less meat.

In 2020, Schaible posted on X — then Twitter — that objection to the destruction of property following the George Floyd shooting constituted “White privilege.”

Schaible’s principles were put to the test on Sunday when Antifa targeted his shop for selling meat. The shop’s breaker box was cut to spoil its existing stock, rendering it unsellable.

Antifa’s motivation was stated as a show of support for “antispeciesist” activists who are currently jailed for their violent actions in support of animals. Their blog stated: “Last night we cut off the tiny padlock to the breaker box of a butcher shop ‘pasture pdx’ and shut off their power to make the flesh they butchered unsellable. we also sealed the lock on the door with spray foam insulation.”

The posting went on to claim that power was shut down to two other adjacent stores “because it was fun.”

Rose City Antifa has a history of violence in Portland, notably the 2019 attack on conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

The name “Antifa” is a gloss of the term “anti-fascist,” but that designation does not accurately reflect the subversive organization’s activities. The ideology of “fascism” has been characterized by hardline intolerance of dissent, yet Antifa never accepts any deviation at all from its far-left platform.

The proprietors of Pasture PDX would likely have counted themselves as Antifa allies — even tacitly justifying their violent actions — but they strayed from “the message” by selling meat.

The requirement of 100% unquestioning compliance is characteristic of leftist worldviews in general. Marxism is not known for “big tent” inclusivity.

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has discovered this, as she has long supported most leftist causes, including LGBT concerns. However, when she expressed disagreement with the goals of the radical gender identity politics movement, the once progressive icon became a pariah to the left.

The analogy of the left being “a snake eating itself” has often been cited.