Biden Demands Billions To Transport More Illegal Aliens

As part of a $106 billion foreign aid and national security funding request, President Joe Biden is demanding Congress provide $14 billion to help the administration bus illegal aliens from the southern border to hotels in communities around the country.

Under Biden’s leadership, the administration pushed more than 300,000 job-seeking illegal aliens through the southern border into American communities in September alone. Meanwhile, the total number of illegal aliens allowed into the U.S. in 2023 is roughly 2.5 million.

Now, the president is demanding that American taxpayers fund the transportation of even more illegal aliens into their communities. The Biden administration has referred to this request as “border security,” despite the fact that almost none of the money would be used to actually secure the border.

Breitbart News has asserted that the request is part of a larger coverup of the problem — arguing that the money “may be intended to cover planned migrant aid by Democrat-run cities through the 2024 presidential campaign. That cash flow would help pro-migration groups minimize voters’ recognition of the huge costs to cities, taxpayers, and Americans.”

Alongside money for trafficking illegal aliens, the larger $106 billion funding request includes several other aid packages for foreign nations — which come as Americans are struggling financially due to rampant inflation.

One of these requests is for $11.8 billion to fund nonmilitary needs for Ukraine, which includes retirement pensions for Ukrainian government employees. Another request is for $3.5 billion in humanitarian assistance for the Gaza Strip — which is governed by the terrorist group Hamas, meaning that the money could be diverted to fund terrorism, according to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

The Arkansas senator released a statement about Biden’s funding request, declaring it “dead on arrival” in Congress.

“President Biden’s slush fund proposal is dead on arrival, just like his budgets,” Cotton’s statement read.

“We will not spend, for example, $3.5 billion to address the ‘potential needs of Gazans,” he continued, arguing that the aid to Gaza may end up being “a resupply line for Hamas terrorists.”

“Nor will we spend $4.7 billion for housing, transportation, and ‘services’ for illegal aliens in the United States rather than deporting them,” Cotton added.