British Far-Left Politician Refuses 17 Times To Call Hamas A Terror Group

British Member of Parliament (MP) Jeremy Corbyn, the former head of the far-left Labour Party in Great Britain, refused to answer the question of whether Hamas is a terrorist group — even after being repeatedly asked 17 times.

Hamas has been designated by the U.S. State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization since October 1997. The group was declared a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom (UK) in March 2001.

Despite these designations, and Hamas’ use of terrorist attacks to achieve their goals — including the mass murder of more than 1,400 Israelis, most of whom were civilians, on October 7 — Corbyn refused to acknowledge them as a terrorist group during an interview with Piers Morgan.

Morgan repeatedly demanded that Corbyn answer the question, asking several times: “Are they a terror group?”

When the far-left politician refused to answer, Morgan fired back: “Why can’t you say it? Just answer my question: Are Hamas a terror group?”

Following repeated refusals to answer the question, Morgan declared: “I’ve asked you two questions: Should Hamas stay in power and are they a terror group. You’re refusing to answer either of them. That is very telling. And you wonder why people think you have a problem with Jewish people.”

Corbyn has a history of anti-Israel rhetoric, antisemitism, and speaking positively about Hamas — even previously referring to the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” in 2009.

“It will be my pleasure and honor to host an event in parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking,” he said at the time, adding: “I’ve also invited our friends from Hamas to come and speak as well.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak referenced these previous comments while calling Corbyn out on October 23, stating: “I’m surprised he hasn’t made any reference to the fact an organization he once described as a ‘friend’ has perpetuated an absolutely appalling act of terrorism.”

Corbyn also advocated for Hamas to be removed from a list of terror groups in 2009, telling Al Jazeera: “At some point, Hamas should be removed from this list because contacts with Hamas by politicians are increasing day after day.”