Comer Calling More Key Witnesses To Biden Family Corruption Investigation

The heat is being turned up on the Biden family as the House Oversight Committee’s investigation intensifies. Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced Sunday that the panel will call more witnesses for what he described as the “Biden family influence-peddling schemes.”

Speaking on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” Comer said the panel has to fight congressional Democrats, the FBI, and the DOJ to bring in these figures.

Comer issued a subpoena last week for former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer for a deposition this week. There was no immediate word from his attorney, and Breitbart News reported that a date for the deposition is being negotiated.

The chair said the committee is making progress and has already uncovered more than they were told was possible.

Comer told Levin that “no one thought I could get bank records. No one thought we would get access to the Treasury, Cabinet’s suspicious activity reports, but we would not take no for an answer.”

The Republican said his probe revealed indirect wire transfers to Biden family members while he was Obama’s vice president that originated in Romania and China. Comer explained the payments came from shell companies to nine members of the Biden family.

As for the infamous FBI 1023 form, that only deepened the already fruitful investigation. Comer referenced the document that came from what the FBI described as “one of our most trusted, highest paid, most credible FBI informants.”

The bureau, Comer said, alleged that they did not want to release the form to protect the life of this informant.

But if this informant is so credible and trusted, and the threat to his or her life genuine, Comer asked “why did the FBI not investigate it?”

The committee chair said this problem is indicative of what the committee faced when attempting to get evidence from federal sources. The IRS resisted investigating anything but Hunter Biden’s tax returns.

Comer said the administration agencies “didn’t want to investigate the shell companies. They didn’t want to investigate the money laundering. And then we know the Department of Justice hasn’t done anything.”

He added that the powerful in Washington and “the deep state bureaucracies” united to turn a blind eye to Biden’s infractions.