Cruz: The Time To Impeach Biden ‘Is Right Now’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) added his voice to the growing chorus of calls for President Joe Biden to be impeached. The mountain of evidence for decades-long corruption is even higher, and the senator is pressuring the House to act.

Cruz flatly stated that critical information revealed about the Biden family’s attempts to enrich themselves makes the time to impeach the Democrat “right now.”

He cited the clear information from a WhatsApp exchange in which Hunter Biden told a Chinese businessman, “we want to know.” Far from being just a prodigal son using his father’s influence to gain favors, Cruze asserted this family affair must be investigated.

On his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the Republican senator pointed to “direct evidence of Joe Biden abusing his government power to enrich his son, and, assuming 10% for the big guy, to enrich himself.”

His statements follow stunning testimony last week for a pair of IRS whistleblowers alleging Biden’s Justice Department stonewalled the tax fraud investigation of the first son.

They told Congress that key officials impeded any serious investigation into the president.

Part of their testimony pointed towards Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Wolf. They asserted that she blocked crucial lines of questioning concerning Joe Biden with claims of a lack of “specific criminality.”

Joe Biden insists that he never conversed with his son about international business dealings, but the explosive message recently discovered seemed to indicate otherwise.

Hunter wrote the note to Harvest Fund Management director Henry Zhao. He indicated that he was seated next to his father and that they both wanted to know “why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” He clearly demanded immediate resolution.

The first son then said that if he was contacted by anyone other than the recipient, there would be “regret” for not following his stipulations.

Cruz noted the WhatsApp message provided a direct link between the president and “millions of dollars coming from communist China.” He further said that Attorney General Merrick Garland stopped an investigation into this evidence.

The senator admitted that it is possible that Hunter was lying to his Chinese connection and the president was not sitting next to him. But that is unknown because the DOJ not only did not investigate, but investigators “were prevented from even asking the question.”