Hillary Clinton Awkwardly Attempts ‘La Macarena’ Dance In Spain

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was filmed participating in the “La Macarena” dance last weekend with the group responsible for making the song famous. Clinton was meeting with Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Manuel Albares in Madrid before traveling to Seville.

The video, which is making its way around social media, shows Clinton being pulled in front of a group of people to dance with the band “Los Del Rio.”

Clinton attempts to follow along with the rest of the band but does not appear to know the dance moves associated with the hit song from the early 1990s. According to the Daily Mail, “Clinton was filmed grinning and jiggling her hands while the two musicians danced the correct moves on either side of her.”

According to Albares, he and Clinton discussed “the global situation and how to construct a more just and equal world,” though it is not clear why Clinton and Albares were meeting.

Clinton left Madrid to attend a party in her honor in Seville at the Palacia de Duenas which was held by the 12th Duchess of Montoro Eugenia Martinez de Irujo and her husband, Narcis Rebollo. It was at that party where Clinton’s dance took place.

This was not the first time Clinton had been tied to the famous “La Macarena” dance. There is also footage of her during the 1996 Democratic National Convention clapping along to the dance while the other attendees carried out the choreography.

A local Spanish news outlet, The Olive Press, described the scene like this: “Hillary Clinton brought the cringe with her during a trip to Sevilla on January 19.”

The outlet also questioned what reason Clinton had for not knowing the dance after it was so prominent in her husband’s presidential campaign.

“It soon became clear that she had no clue about the dance routine. Which is perhaps puzzling, since it was played constantly at Democratic Party events during the campaign to re-elect her husband, Bill,” the article continued.

According to the Washington Examiner, Clinton did not share her trip to Spain on her social media accounts.