Judge Puts Gag Order On Trump And Legal Team

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron has placed a gag order on former President Donald Trump and his legal team. This order restricts their ability to discuss specific details of the case publicly.

Engoron’s move follows what he described as aggressive messages directed at his office. He pointed out the general danger of violence sparked by intense political discourse, noting his chambers have been “inundated with hundreds of harassing and threatening communications.”

The order explicitly forbids any public commentary about private discussions involving the judge and his staff. However, referencing the clerk in matters of court scheduling and procedure is still permissible.

The judge has drawn a line, and overridden the free speech rights of Trump’s lawyers. Engoron has indicated a willingness to impose stiff penalties for any breach of this order, having already fined Trump for two previous violations. In a pointed reference, the judge named attorneys Christopher Kise and Alina Habba for making unsuitable remarks about his chief law clerk.

“Do not refer to my staff again. She’s a civil servant. She’s doing what I ask her to do,” Engoron insisted, adding, “I sometimes think there may be a bit of misogyny in you referring to my female principal law clerk.”

With statements and accusations like this from the judge, it is easy to get a much better idea about the real motivations behind Trump’s persecutors.

Kise and Habba have criticized the judge’s use of handwritten notes to his clerk, insinuating underhanded dealings in the hiding of their communications. Despite the curious note passing, Engoron has denied any suggestion of impropriety.

While this gag order limits comments on Engoron’s staff, Trump is not barred from expressing views on the judge himself or Attorney General Letitia James. James has initiated a civil lawsuit accusing Trump, along with his two adult sons, of misrepresenting assets, seeking $250 million in damages and a ban on their conducting business in New York.