Kari Lake Promotes Trump In Response To Biden’s State Of The Union

In a video response to President Joe Biden’s State of The Union address, Republican Kari Lake took the opportunity to criticize the commander in chief and promote former President Donald Trump to take his place.

Lake, who was a GOP candidate for the 2022 governor’s race in Arizona, is now running for the United States Senate in the upcoming 2024 election. She dominated headlines on March 8 with her notable response to Biden’s State of the Union speech, given on the evening of March 7.

The high-profile Republican described Biden’s address as “a state of confusion” rather than “a State of the Union.” She immediately sympathized with “the everyday hard-working Americans” who watched the display, saying she is “sure” they left feeling “gaslit and lied to.”

Lake emphasized that the description of America shared by Biden is not a realistic picture of the nation, which she said has been “failed” by the president’s leadership. Specifically, she criticized him for not acknowledging the issues of inflation, housing crises and “crime running rampant.”

The Republican candidate further drove the point that the state of the Union “is weak” under the Biden administration, dramatically adding that “the American dream is on life support.” She then shifted her criticism of Biden to promoting Trump, who is the last remaining major candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in the 2024 election.

Lake argued that, while Trump was in the Oval Office, the American people were able to enjoy “peace and prosperity.” She spent time highlighting the tragic death of Laken Riley—a young nursing student in Georgia who was kidnapped and killed by an illegal immigrant—to emphasize the good work done by Trump to secure the border.

Lake specifically boasted that the border has never been “more secure” than when Trump was in the White House, citing Biden’s notorious “open border” policies as the reason deaths like Riley’s have occurred.

The candidate completed her video with a message that “the only way” to restore American public safety and the American Dream is to elect Trump in Nov. 2024, supporting his “Make America Great Again” campaign. She added that she plans to “work tirelessly” in her ongoing support of Trump.

Lake’s Senate bid was officially launched in Oct. 2023, when she announced her plans to follow Trump’s America First agenda and emphasized a focus on border policy and security.

The former president and likely 2024 GOP nominee has endorsed his long-time ally’s campaign to represent Arizona in the Senate.