Marianne Williamson Reenters Presidential Race Against Biden

Another Democrat candidate has entered the presidential race, weeks after suspending her campaign for lack of traction with voters. Now, she is reentering the competition, motivated by the tension surrounding Biden’s potential reelection and a determination not to allow former President Donald Trump back in the White House.

Marianne Williamson, a Democrat who dropped out of the presidential race on Feb. 7, released a video on social media on Feb. 28 with the hashtag “unsuspended.” In the message, she announced her plans to return to the “horse race,” as she described the run for the White House, because she has a plan different from Biden’s that would “defeat Donald Trump.”

The announcement was posted the same day that Biden went to Walter Reed Medical Center for an unscheduled physical exam. According to her video, Williamson is returning to the campaign trail because “something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here.” The threat she referenced is the former president and leading GOP candidate Trump.

Williamson described the popular yet controversial Republican as “a fascist” who is “standing at the door” awaiting a second term in office. She said that she was originally prompted to un-suspend her campaign since she was “losing the horse race.”

Talking about the potential for Trump to return to office, Williamson said “everybody’s all upset about it” and asked “what is President Biden offering” to combat his opponent.
The candidate rejected claims from the sitting commander-in-chief that the economy is “doing well” and said the next president needs to lead America to “hope and possibility and regeneration.”

The Democrat candidate added that leaving the nation in the hands of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, hoping they can lead the country to her vision, is “delusional.”

In another video, Williamson laid out her “way to win” in more specific goals, focusing on the disappearance of the American middle class during the last 50 years. She emphasized the need for “fundamental economic reform” to come back from this, including “tuition-free” state colleges and universities, free childcare and “a guaranteed living wage.”

Williamson first launched her bid for the presidency in Mar. 2023. At that time, she rejected criticism from those who said her efforts to obtain the Democratic nomination were “a longshot.” She argued that her “qualification” to lead the country lies in her ability to “perpetuate [the] system” and claiming that she “know[s] how to disrupt it.”