‘Missing’ Hunter Biden Witness Comes Forward With Explosive Testimony

The “missing witness” in the Biden international bribery investigation has surfaced, and though he is still hiding, he gave a bombshell account of the family’s criminal activities through a video address.

Former Israeli army officer and professor Dr. Gal Luft detailed his allegations that the Biden family is corrupt to the core. He told of being arrested in Cyprus in an effort to prevent him from testifying before the House Oversight Committee.

The arrest by American agents, he asserted, was on charges of illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI.

His account should chill any Democrat harboring hopes of retaining the White House in 2024.

Luft was to testify that the Biden family received illicit payments from people with alleged ties to Chinese military intelligence. Further, a mole close to the FBI directed by Beijing funneled classified secrets with the Chinese-controlled energy firm CEFC.

He declared that he is neither a Republican or a Democrat and had no political agenda. Rather, he was concerned that the U.S. would fall into a scandal similar to the Russian collusion hoax if the Bidens assumed power.

In fact, Luft said he already gave details to six officials with the Department of Justice and FBI only to see them cover up the case.

House Republicans have several times referred to a “missing witness” in the investigation into the Biden family’s international dealings. Committee members were previously unable to local Luft and ask for his testimony before Congress.

The witness, who spends most of his time in Israel, was an energy advisor to CEFC, which went out of business. It was during that time that Hunter Biden and the company worked together .

In his alarming video message, Luft recounted meeting with a six-person team from the FBI and DOJ in Brussels in 2019. He identified the individuals and said he disclosed Hunter’s business with CEFC as well as the presence of the mole.

That infiltrator, he told agents, had the nickname “One-Eye” due to a distinctive physical feature.

The reaction he allegedly received from the U.S. government was unexpected. Instead of being respectfully treated as a valuable witness, Luft described becoming “public enemy number one.”

In the four years since his revelations to federal officials, he recalled being harassed, suffering intimidation and finally being prosecuted. Luft said his family, friends and associates also came under legal scrutiny from a vindictive government.