Report: America Vulnerable To Attack

Recent ISIS-K and Hamas terror attacks in Moscow and southern Israel have prompted new warnings of similar attacks on American soil. A report in PJ Media soberly stated, “Are you ready for a major Jihad attack in the U.S.? Because it’s coming.”

Warning that America could experience another 9/11-type event was not just a possibility, but rather, a high probability, the outlet added, “What’s coming is as plain as day.”

However, as the threat level rises, the Biden administration is advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies in the military and discouraging the use of terms such as “jihadists,” “Islamic-extremist” and “radical Islamis” in describing terror groups or activity.

The Daily Wire reported the incorporation of DEI policies has weakened America. The outlet also noted that the Biden administration’s decision to abstain from voting to block a UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaze, thus leaving Hamas an open door to rebuild and strike again in the future, has emboldened terrorist groups.

The Hill profiled the significance of the UN Security Council vote.

Many argue that American policies have laid the kindling for a raging fire, and soon a terrorist group will strike the match.

Though recent terror attacks occurred thousands of miles from America’s mainland, the perpetrators of the violence, Islamic extremists, despise America and Christians and most certainly have U.S. targets in their crosshairs.

Islamic terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the 137 deaths in Moscow last week and the more than 1200 deaths in Israel last October. According to a report in The Christian Post, those deaths join the more than 8000 Christians killed in Nigeria in 2023.

America’s open southern border has reportedly presented an open door for terrorists to easily enter the U.S., perhaps lying in wait for orders to strike. Fueling fears and speculation, the FBI announced that 169 people on their terror watch list were stopped at the border in 2023, according to Fox News.

Authorities acknowledge the FBI’s report likely represents only a small fraction of the terrorists who entered the country undetected.

Last week, border authorities arrested a “self-proclaimed Hezbollah terrorist” on the Texas-Mexico border. Breitbart reported the Lebanese national “claimed to be headed to New York” to “make a bomb.”

Concerned about the threat to national security, Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) has introduced a bill that would require federal immigration authorities to screen all migrants seeking to enter the country. Titled the Potential Terrorists at the Border Act of 2024, the bill would block entrance to those on the FBI’s terrorism watch list.

Asserting that the U.S. military is too “preoccupied with studying Critical Race Theory and going to drag shows” to ensure the safety of American citizens, PJ Media stated that guarding against “the next jihad terror massacre in the United States is up to us.”

The outlet’s report argued that the current threat level “makes it all the more incumbent upon each of us to keep our eyes open.”