Restaurant Asks Fox News Analyst To Leave Over Conservative Views

Owners of a Miami-based restaurant asked Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell to leave their establishment because employees and other patrons at the eatery were uncomfortable with his conservative views.

Caldwell said he and some friends were at the restaurant on Saturday morning and having political discussions when the owners approached them and asked them to leave. Cadwell said the owners told his group they were not welcomed at the establishment because their views weren’t politically aligned.

Caldwell told Fox & Friends Weekend that one of the owners walked up to their table, telling them she had been listening to their conversion and that they were not welcomed there. Caldwell said he asked her if he had said something triggering to her, to which she answered “no,” but they had to leave the restaurant because their politics did not align.

“This situation reminds me of something that MLK said in 1963, a very simple truth,” Caldwell said. “He said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ And what I experienced yesterday, me and some of my neighbors, who I’m just getting to know, was an injustice. It was a grave injustice.”

Caldwell said he and his friends were discussing his job at Fox News and his book “Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back The Americans Liberalism Have Failed.” Caldwell revealed that he also talked about gun violence and how progressive district attorneys are exasperating crimes in the country.

This was so problematic to this lady that she told me that I needed to get out of her establishment,” Caldwell said. “If this was not the Jim Crow South, I couldn’t tell how much of a difference.”

Caldwell, who hopes the incident will be looked into, said there is a target at the back of Conservatives and that should not be the case.

The restaurant sent out a statement on Instagram claiming that Caldwell and his friends had been talking about women in a degrading manner. They also claimed that the group used “eugenic” arguments while discussing Roe v. Wade.